Looking for a flexible Volunteering or Internship opportunity? Become A NEV - New Era Volunteer!

Become a virtual and/or physical volunteer to support the needy and grassroots nonprofits globally. Being a NEV is making a life. “You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.” ~Winston Churchill

Looking for a flexible Volunteering or Internship opportunity? Become A NEV - New Era Volunteer!
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Looking for a flexible Volunteering or Internship opportunity?

Become a NEV. No CV and/or interview required!

CharitableHub is building a Global Network of devoted and READY TO HELP Virtual and Physical volunteers of all backgrounds and all ages. NEV will be supporting grassroots nonprofit projects, community initiatives and the people in need, with their experience, talents and know-how at various levels.

NEV Opportunity is open to everyone, from entry, advanced, to even management level, with strong career progression opportunities. We welcome everyone willing to become a NEV and use their expertise, skills, or talent as a force for good.


There is no any education requirement, all we need is your Know-how, dedication and reliability. You can even join NEV as a skill learner and get trained based on 100% Hands-on approach to fully become a NEV in your desired field of expertise.


The choice is yours. You only need to work a minimum of 5 hours a week. As a NEV, you will be working at your own convenient time, on charitable tasks and projects based on your ability and availability, without much obiligations.


You will be working from an innovative Virtual Workspace will all you need to work on tasks and projects professionally and collaborate with other NEV Members and project owners, you may be working with; regardless of their location around the world.

You will need to have a computer and internet connection to work as a Vitual NEV.


There will be generally no fixed salary. There will be some compensation, we will explain the structure to you later.

Lack of human resources is one of the many challenges facing grassroots nonprofits globally. Nonprofits mostly have intimate knowledge of their community, the problems facing their people, and the best way to help the needy. Grassroots nonprofits don't have the resources to effectively manage volunteers. Grassroots nonprofits always have to pay high for all services needed to get their job done, and are limited in the number of people they can support.

With NEV, CharitableHub wants to build, equip and empower the strongest Network of Devoted and READY TO HELP volunteers of all ages (from 16), all backgrounds, virtually and at all locations globally. NEV envisions becoming the most innovative, flexible, fast, and rewarding volunteering program with strong career advancement and progression opportunities for NEVs of all ages. 

Are you interested in becoming a NEV or do you have questions? Click here to send us a message.