Top 10 Feminist Giving Moves for March 2023 and Bargain on Book

Well, hello my lovely feminist giving friends! I hope you are all getting on fine. It’s time for another update on some of the gender lens philanthropic and investing activity in the world. Before we start, I want to alert readers that we have a limited number of copies of Feminist Giving available...

Top 10 Feminist Giving Moves for March 2023 and Bargain on Book
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1. Our Partners at Alliance are Doing it Up for Women’s History Month

Now that I have had to step back a bit from my writing to pursue a top secret second career (it’s a don’t ask, don’t tell situation, so I appreciate your cooperation!) our partners at Alliance Magazine have taken on a much stronger agenda to serve the feminist giving community with news and views on this more essential form of philanthropy. There’s lots of great content there, including a piece from the Women’s Funding Network on the importance of Black giving. They are also dedicating a whole webinar to the topic of women’s funding which will take place on March 14. Register here to participate.

2. Spain Passes New Laws to Protect Abortion, Transgender Care

In international news, Spain appears to be taking a bold lead on several important women’s rights issues. More information here.

3. Australia Goes Wild for Girl Geek Academy

Australian activists and leaders are starting to shake the table a little harder to bring in the funding for gender equality. Sarah Moran of Girl Geek Academy calls on the Australian government to do more to fund women and girls in tech. More information here.

4. Canada and US Women’s Soccer Band Together for Equal Pay

It wasn’t enough for the USWNT to win their lawsuit for women soccer players. There is still more work to do, and these women’s soccer teams are highlighting the issue by wearing special purple bands. Read more here.

5. Black Feminist Fund Releases Research and Open Letter to Philanthropy

On March 7th, the Black Feminist Fund, released the results of its novel research report entitled “Where is The Money for Black Feminist Movements?” The report is a deep dive into the state of funding for Black feminist movements and examines the extent and the impact of that long-standing under-resourcing. The five-chapter, 146-page report follows the release of the Open Letter to Philanthropy, a call to action to the philanthropic community offered by philanthropic leaders including the Ford Foundation, Pivotal Ventures, a Melinda French Gates company, Solidaire Network, Clara Lionel Foundation, and others, to fund Black feminist movements and specifically support the Black Feminist Fund in reaching its goal of $100 million.