List of companies leaving Russia. More than 1,000 multinational companies have left and more are leaving Russia' due to Russia’s war/invasion of Ukraine

As written and updated weekly by Tom Read, presents the comprehensive list of multinational companies that have left, those that are leaving, and those that are staying in Russia since the stat of Putin's war in Ukraine.

List of companies leaving Russia. More than 1,000 multinational  companies have left and more are leaving Russia' due to Russia’s war/invasion of Ukraine
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Written and updated by Tom Read

Multinational companies can no longer ignore social and political issues. Their actions and policies must stay true to their stated branding, and reflect the values of their customers.

With this in mind, how are companies responding to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?

We’ve compiled the internet’s most extensive list of multinational companies and their responses to the invasion. While some companies have been praised for their efforts, others have been justifiably accused of not doing enough.

This article covers those companies that have left or partially left Russia, and those that have stayed. We’ll provide regular updates to keep the information accurate and relevant, so make sure to check back in!


Our report can only reflect companies for which data is available from independent sources, or that have publicly stated their response to the war in Ukraine.

A full investigation of all companies operating in Russia, or not, isn’t possible at this time, due to a lack of transparency.

Countries with more large companies, or with better transparency or media coverage, are overrepresented in the list of companies that have stayed in Russia. So a country like the USA will have more companies on our list. Many companies from other countries, however, have remained in Russia without garnering any press. We will continue to be diligent in our research and update our list whenever new data comes available.

Companies That Have Announced They’re Staying in Russia (as of 29/03/22)

Numerous companies continue to operate in Russia despite coming under pressure. Many of these organizations have deep financial ties to the Russian market.

Copy of Companies that left/stayed in Russia

Copy of Companies that left/stayed in Russia

Consulting, Marketing, and Advertising

  • BBDO Group has a huge presence in Russia with clients such as Rosbank
  • DDB remains in the Russian market with clients like Russian Agricultural Bank

Consumer Goods

  • Gruma will continue to operate two plants in Russia
  • Leroy Merlin is continuing to operate its stores in Russia, where it generates $4billion in revenue
  • Mondelez is continuing to trade in Russia, where it generates $1billion in revenue
  • Natura & Co will continue to supply direct sellers and operate a factory in Naro-Fominsk

Energy and Fossil Fuels

  • Air Liquide continues its operations, which include oxygen supplies for hospitals
  • Air Products has not announced any changes to its Russia operation, which includes 2 offices and a factory in the Rostov region


  • Greif is still operating 9 sites in Russia
  • IPG Photonics continues selling high-powered lasers Russia
  • Metro is still trading in Russia
  • Nalco continues to operate numerous Russian factories
  • Pirelli is reducing investments and manufacturing, but its plants remain open


  • Cloudflare is maintaining its internet services in Russia, a move the company claims will provide access to information for Russian protesters
  • International Paper may sell a significant stake in a Russian venture, but it is not suspending its Russian operations

Companies That Have Announced They’re Partially Staying in Russia (as of 29/03/22)

Copy of Companies that left/stayed in Russia

Copy of Companies that left/stayed in Russia

Some companies continue to operate in Russia, but have decreased their presence. Companies in certain industries, such as pharmaceuticals, claim a moral obligation to continue serving their customers with essential goods.

Other companies must continue aspects of their Russian business because of legal obligations, such as franchise agreements. Meanwhile, many companies are simply maintaining a foothold in Russia for purely financial reasons.

Johnson & Johnson

Actions Taken:

Johnson & Johnson, the US pharmaceutical brand, has temporarily ceased enrollment in its clinical trials throughout Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

In a March 4th statement, a J&J spokesperson expressed concerns over the war in Ukraine. They also highlighted the company’s humanitarian efforts, including a $5 million donation to relief organizations, distributing medical health kits, creating a colleague donation matching program, and a pledge to provide vital humanitarian organizations with access to the company’s supply chain.

J&J said it was “committed to providing access to our essential medical products in the countries where we operate.” This sentiment was echoed by Chief Financial Officer Joe Wolk in a subsequent press conference: “Literally if our products don’t get to the patients in need, people will die or have severe consequences.”


Actions Taken:

Nestlé outlined several measures in response to Russia’s invasion in a March 11th press release and a March 23rd update.

Nestlé has halted all marketing activities in Russia and suspended Russian investments, exports (excluding essential foods to CIS nations), and imports of its products. However, Nestlé is still importing and selling products it considers essential in Russia, where it says “any profit will be donated to humanitarian relief organizations.”Unilever


Actions Taken:

British consumer goods corporation Unilever highlighted its response to Russia’s invasion in a statement on March 8th:

“We continue to condemn the war in Ukraine as a brutal and senseless act by the Russian state,” wrote a company spokesperson. Unilever also highlighted its €5 million donation of products “to the humanitarian relief effort.”

On Russia, the company added that it has “suspended all imports and exports of our products into and out of Russia” and “will stop all media and advertising spend.” Unilever is halting new investments in Russia, but continues “to supply our everyday essential food and hygiene products made in Russia to people in the country.”

Procter & Gamble

Actions Taken:

In an open letter to Procter & Gamble employees, the company’s president and CEO, Jon Moeller, said: “Our hearts go out to all people who endure the unspeakable human toll of war, and we condemn aggression in any circumstance.”

Moeller added that P&G’s “top priority” is to care for their people in Ukraine and across the regions affected. The company has “proactively suspended operations in Ukraine to help protect our people locally.” The company also announced an employee donation matching scheme.

P&G says it will continue to sell a reduced portfolio of products in Russia, including “basic health, hygiene, and personal care items.” P&G is also cutting new investments and “suspending all media, advertising, and promotional activity” in Russia.

Other Companies That Partially Left Russia

  • Abbott Labs suspends non-essential business activity
  • AbbVie temporarily halted operations for its aesthetics products but continue to distribute essential goods
  • Accor suspended all planned openings and developments in Russia and any loyalty partnerships with Russian companies, although it will continue to run its more than 50 hotels in the country to support its 3,500 Russian employees
  • ASUS halted deliveries but has not disclosed its sales position publicly
  • Bacardi Limited paused exports to Russia and froze advertising investments in the market
  • Baker Hughes has suspended new investments in Russia, while fulfilling current contractual obligations
  • Baker Tilley subsidiary with 400 employees in Russia
  • Bayer stopped all spending in Russia and its ally Belarus that is not related to essential products in health and agriculture
  • Bungie will be working with partners to suspend all Destiny 2 sales and commerce in Russia and Belarus
  • Cargill is continuing essential operations in Russia
  • Fortive suspended all of its commercial operations in Russia
  • Pfizer paused clinical trials in Russia
  • Danone paused new investments but continues to sell its products in Russia
  • Kelloggs paused new investments while continuing essential product sales
  • Konecranes will downsize their Russian business gradually, in accordance with local laws and regulations, and with the safety and wellbeing of their Russian employees prioritized
  • Oriflame cosmetics suspended new investments, marketing, training, and online sales
  • PepsiCo suspended operations except for essential products
  • Philip Morris suspended investments, product launches, and scaled down Russian manufacturing
  • White & Case are winding down Russian operations but continue to represent Russian oligarchs
  • Hilton ceased new investments, but Hilton franchises remain open and retain Hilton branding
  • Marriott suspended new investments, but its franchise hotels are still operating with Marriott branding
  • Marks & Spencer paused Russian shipments, but can’t exit Russia due to franchise agreements
  • Novartis has suspended any investments in Russia and stopped all commercial marketing activities
  • Schlumberger stopped new investments and paused technology deployment in the region
  • Bridgestone Tire halted manufacturing in Russia
  • General Mills doesn’t have a presence in Russia, but is cutting ads and investment in a joint venture with Nestlé
  • LG Electronics paused shipments to Russia; other actions are undisclosed
  • Linde is closing business with sanctioned entities but must fulfill other existing contracts in Russia
  • Mettler Toledo suspended shipments to Russia
  • Authentic Brands Group, owner of Reebok, has suspended its business operations and stores in Russia
  • Reckitt Benckiser Group froze capital investments in Russia
  • Focus Brands LLC halted Russian investments but can’t pull out of the market because of independently owned franchises
  • Whirlpool is limiting production in Russia, and will only provide goods for families who need their appliances to clean, cook and provide proper food and medicine storage in their homes
  • Subway similarly cannot exit the Russian market because of its franchises